CS:GO Squad – Where are we
Posted by Freekill - Thursday, 2nd January 2014 - 11:56:20

Hello, Starcade!
First of all, I'd like to apologize for thesilence.
Now, Where are we at with the Starcade Counterstrike: Global Offensive team?
The lineup, as previously announced, consists of:

FreeKill: Positioner - Tries to make sure the strategies work throughout the round and more often than not trades with Fn when entering sites.
NoBiggie: The lurker – Gets behind enemy lines by abusing rotation patterns.
Heaset: Awper & Caller – Main sniper to get early picks and makes the strategic calls.
Fn: Entry fragger – First to enter bombsites and open up areas.
Uddh: Supporter – Mostly plays the rotation role as CT and have the supporting roles in strategies with nades etc.

We practice as much as we can, but with sports practice and schoolwork we are somewhat limited. For the most part we try to play 1-2 tournaments a week at www.faceit.com. With time we will probably start to play either ESL leagues or join the ESEA league, perhaps both, time will tell!We all feel really comfortable with ScG and we will continue to carry our banner forward.

What are we striving towards?
We want to get better and recognised as a team. Period. To do that we have to face better teams and play more tournaments. At the moment we are looking forward to the EMS Katowice Qualifiers  which will begin early January. EMS Katowice is another huge event with large pricemoney like Dreamhack Winter, with 250 000$ it attracts a lot of people and we will be sure to get matched with well prepared and educated teams. We don't really have any intentions of getting through our bracket but it will most certainly be good practice. Other than that we want to have fun while playing together, which we really do have! We were planning to have a LAN together during christmas break, but due to Uddh going on vacation to Vietnam we have to reschedule those plans to sometime in the Spring! I look forward already

Where can you find us?
I, FreeKill, tend to be pretty active on IRC! If you have a question and I'm not on IRC you can find me on steam: madmatt50346. Of course we are all available on the forum as well!

ScG Dota 2 Team.
Posted by Orrelion - Tuesday, 26th November 2013 - 08:10:20

Dota2 team for Starcade-Gaming is fighting strong and practicing every weekday starting 7-8pm CET. We are currently playing in the ESL A-team ladder and occasionally playing in the weekly cup. The season has ended and unfortunately we did not manage to get the premium to move up to a better ladder. You need to be at least top 6 and after losing one game out of five we got 9th place. New season starts this week though and we will fight our way back to the top!

The current lineup for Starcade-Gaming Europe is:

  • Orrelion – Offlaner (Leader)
  • Raaw – Support (Captain/Drafter)
  • Boesf – Hardcarry
  • G-style – Mid
  • Espektro – Hardsupport

We are currently trying to stream all of our games but are not able to do this due to lag and either computer or internet issues. I will however try and stream all of our games from now on with lower quality if it has to be that way.

We hope to get everyone’s support. We will practice, we will laugh, we will cry and we will rage. The most important thing at the end of the day is that we are together, trying to improve and actually enjoying the time we play together. The entire team has been more than great and I am proud to be part of this team.

Here is a video I made and edited about Espektro’s sacrifice in a game we did. Dedicated to the entire team and every member in Starcade-Gaming.

3rd Anniversary & General News
Posted by Jarod - Thursday, 12 September 2013 - 19:16:03

Starcade Gaming is older. We just got 3 years old on 10th of September. Hope to see many more years. Like in all teams they were up and down, dead periods and active periods. Hope for the better to come. Starcade fighting.

CW this month:
1.ScG vs dA-Gaming (german team). This was held on 05/09/13 and we won 4-3. The final match was between our Ace, RotingApple(z) who took down Xardas(T) in the last game. The participants from our side was Chess(T), Antiva (P), RottingApple(Z) and Ouwnor(P). This was the debut of our newly recruted protoss Ouwnor(P), we all hope to see more from him in the next CWs.

Player progress:
1.Silly is back, he is already mid master, promoted from Diamond with a close to 90% winrate.
2.KillerMiller got promoted to Diamond from Platinum, holding a 62.50% winrate.
3.CoreDeath also got promoted to Diamond from Platinum, 57.69%
4.Looks like Dodo finds his passion again for the game, he is currently Platinum, coming from gold, with a winrate 83.93%. Hope to see you soon on Diamond/Master buddy.
5.Egg went inactive for some reason. Taking probably break.

No new member joined us this month.
Name changes that i know about:
Juice-> Cinnamon

Looking forward for more good clan wars. I will update the results and also the progress of the players.
If you want to practice or share thoughts, please don`t forget to join irc, TS or bnet channel.

Clan War vs Team Oxygen
Posted by SparxX - Sunday, 17 February 2013 - 00:12:03


Special thanks to SparxX (ScG Orga), and the streaming-team: pjerto (ScG) and Zakun (Oxygen)

Vods: http://www.twitch.tv/pertjo/b/368035674

Game 1 SparxX vs SwaggerJack - Cloud Kingdome - PvZ

So I (SparxX) went for Nexus first. A few days back a good friend of mine thaught me a better Sentry immortal allin. Before this id always go forge first. Anyhow, i went nexus first and did my normal stuff. He on the other hand did a 1 base baneling all in. The sentry i made popped up right in time to lay down 1 forcefield, but it wasnt enough. Alot of lings streamed in and i sac'd my main base and moved all my probes to my natural. From that point on i cleared the main, reexpanded there and tried a sentry immortal allin anyhow. Against all predictions i actually pulled it off and won the game. Turned out the zerg did not have really good mechanics. Lots of supply blocks, no injects etc etc.

Game 2 SparxX vs BlinKor - Daybreak - PvP

So this was a PvP, my worst matchup. I decided to the best working PvP tactic i use, wich is a 1base colossus allin. The build is actually not bad at all, i move out with 2 immortals, 1 colossus and a bunch of stalkers. Sad thing was that my opponent did the exact same thing, wich meant he had the defenders advantage. I lost my first push. I tried to get back in the game by expanding twice really fast, but it was too late. He pushed, and killed me.

Game 3 Chia vs BlinKor - Akilon Flats - ZvP

Chia was up next. BlinKor went for Nexus first. Chia had a probe on the way for a proxy hatch + he made 6 lings. These lings did get passed the wall that wasnt finished yet, and barely killed the 1 cannon that defended the wall. The proxy hatch got scouted, and failed. The game went on in a macro game. Chia got 3 bases, and went for Infestor Ling. BlinKor was still on 2 base and went for a Mass blink stalker allin. The allin was scouted a bit 2 late for Chia. He engaged with about 40lings, but all the stalkers were up against a wall + there were 2 forcefields. The lings died pretty much. Chia remade lings, but it wasnt enough. The stalkers were too overwelming.

Game 4 Darrey vs BlinKor - Ohana - PvP

This wasnt a very heated match actually. Neither player was agressive, and as time passed on Darrey outplayed his opponent on every front. He had a better economy, better tech etc etc. When BlinKor pushed Darrreys forces were too much, and BlinKor was defeated

Game 5 Darrey vs JustInSane - Cloud Kingdome - PvZ

Darrey went for Nexus first. From an observers point of view, it looked pretty tricky. There were 6 lings comming wich could make it past the wall into the main base. And thats exactly what happened. The lings kept the probes in the main busy. Then the nexus that was still building in the natural got canceled, followed by a "LOL" from Darrey. This mistake had cost him the game, as the zerg went 2 base and pushed with the first 10 roaches he had. Darrey did macro back up to full 2 base eco, but he didnt have the tech to support it.

Game 6 Siika vs JustInSane - Daybreak - PvZ

While the CW was underway, i contacted Siika if he wanted to help us, because we were out of players!(lol) Luckly, Siika wanted to play and Fight for Starcade. JustInSane went for a proxy hatch, and it was unscouted up untill the creep started to show. Everyone at Starcade was pooping their pants, thinking Siika would lose. But Siika played amazingly, and defended it very well. JustInSane didnt execute the best proxy hatch either, wich is worth noting. From this point on Siika outplayed JustInSane and it was over for JustInSane.

Game 7 Siika vs Slavin - Entombed Valley - PvT

Everyone was pretty exited to see this match. Siika went for an early expansion, while Slavin went for 3rax MM with slow. Siika had to sac his natural nexus, in order to buy time for more units. With a good forcefield he cutted the army on its way up the ramp in half, and did great damage. After that, the terran retreated and both players started to macro. Nothing happened really, they ended up both on 4 bases before the final battle. Siika tried to do damage with a double DT warpin, but a missile turret finished right in time to counter that. Siika had a huge gateway army, with 2 colossi and a few High templar. Slavin had a huge MMM ghost ball, with 5 vikings. When the battle started Slavin carpet bombed Siika's army with EMP's, and everything got obliterated.

Game 8 Rokhorn vs Slavin - Daybreak - ZvT

Rokhorn played a normal game, took an expansion and a little bit of a late 3rd. Slavin went for a 2 base Marine Thor allin. Rokhorn was aiming to go for Muta Ling Bling, but before he could get there the terran pushed out with 4 thors, some marines and scv's for repair. All rokhorn had was zerglings, and with scv's repairing the thors there was no chance he would have won that. The thors obliterated everything, and rokhorn was defeated.

The end score was a 5-3 Victory for Team Oxygen.

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DayZ Squad Play Episode 10
Posted by bronte - Sunday, 10 February 2012 - 11:16:03


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DayZ Squad Play Episode 9
Posted by bronte - Sunday, 03 February 2012 - 01:12:03

It's a trap!

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Merry Christmas
Posted by bronte - Monday, 24 December 2012 - 09:00:03

Starcade Gaming wishes you a merry christmas. As a little present CerN prepared a new DayZ episode. Enjoy.


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Clan War vs. UCAP Esports
Posted by bronte - Sunday, 16 December 2012 - 19:50:03

Its time for a clan war against UCAP Esports. There will be two BO-3. It will start in a few minutes. Stream url: http://www.twitch.tv/rokhorn
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